The structures of PolyHRP

PolyHRP products are super-molecular enzyme complexes containing up to 800 molecules of the enzyme. Enzyme molecules are cross-linked in the manufacture of PolyHRP by means of bifunctional linkers to form oligomers consisting of 20, 40 or 80 molecules. In a subsequent step, five of these subunits referred to as homo block polymers are assembled into a supra-molecular complex. There are currently three standard sizes available: PolyHRP20, PolyHRP40 and PolyHRP80. The enzyme complexes may also be conjugated to various ligands and receptors (antibodies, antigens, streptavidin, DNA). Those available are:

• Streptavidin PolyHRP
• Protein A PolyHRP
• Anti-mouse PolyHRP


Area of application

PolyHRP conjugates are widely applicable in assay methods such as ELISA, immunoblot, immunofiltration or DNA/RNA hybridisation and are superior in their specific activity than conventional conjugates by several factors. With these, it is possible to improve the sensitivity of assays, to shorten the assay times and to reduce the specific consumption of reagents. They are particularly suitable for micro-structured analysis chips and rapid tests.


Use of PolyHRP conjugates in immunological rapid tests

PolyHRP conjugates are preferably used in immunological rapid tests in the through-flow format. These immunological rapid tests allow Enzymatic labels due to sequential addition, where additional implementation steps such as the addition of substrates are required. Using PolyHRP conjugates, ultra-sensitive detection limits of protein (<1 pg/ml), and micro-organisms or viruses in the range of about 100 CFU/ml or 100-1000 PFU/ml can be achieved.


Your entry into the PolyHRP Technology

The use of SA PolyHRP 40 offers an easy entry into the world of ultra-sensitive immunoassays. It allows to improve an existing sandwich Elisa by at least one log by minimal modifications of the assay procedure with biotinylated detector antibody. In our webshop you will find the PolyHRP Starter Kit containing all required reagents and information for a quick development success.

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